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Casio tölvuúr - A158WETG-9AEF

Vörunr. A158WETG-9AEF
Verðmeð VSK
14.900 kr.


Casio tölvuúr - A158WETG-9AEF

7 years - 1 battery

The battery supplies the watch with the necessary energy for about 7 years.

Stop function - 1/100 sec. - 1 hour

Elapsed time, split time and end time are measured with an accuracy of hundredths of a second. The clock can measure up to an hour.

Daily alarm

The daily alarm reminds you of daily recurring events with an acoustic signal at the set time.

Automatic calendar with date, month and day of the week

Once set, the automatic calendar always shows the correct date.

12/24 hour format

The time display can be set to either 12 or 24 hour format. 

Acrylic glass

The acrylic glass is light and relatively unbreakable.

LED light

So that you can see everything even in a dark environment, the clock display is illuminated by a light-emitting diode at the push of a button.