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Armband - Stál/gyllt - 17,19,21cm
Armband - Stál/gyllt - 17,19,21cm

Armband - Stál/gyllt - 17,19,21cm

Vörunr. 646-27-170
Verðmeð VSK
16.200 kr.


Hægt að fá 17,19 og 21 cm, settu í athugasemdir hvaða lengd þú vilt

Upplýsingar framleiðanda:

Product information "Arctic Symphony | polished gold | 646-27-X0"

Perfect Match - Shine and glamour with a discreet touch: our new tennis bracelets are set all around with sparkling cubic zirconia stones and can be easily combined - in silver or gold-coloured versions. Delicate, flattering on the wrist and made of skin-friendly stainless steel, they are very comfortable to wear, both on festive occasions and during sports.

Incidentally, the term "tennis bracelet" goes back to the US tennis legend Chris Evert. During a match at the US Open in 1978, she lost her diamond bracelet, whereupon the match was interrupted.

Collection: Arctic Symphony
Gender: female
Color: polished gold
Link color: white
Material: stainless steel
Category: bracelet
Link material: Zirkonia