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Armband - Stál - 19,21cm
Armband - Stál - 19,21cm

Armband - Stál - 19,21cm

Vörunr. 646-17-210
Verðmeð VSK
16.200 kr.


Hægt að fá 19 og 21 cm, láttu vita í athugasemdum hvaða lengd þú vilt.

Product information "Arctic Symphony | polished silver | 646-17-X0"

Shape your look with elegant and unique combinations. The ARCTIC SYMPHONY COLLECTION provides a creative highlight with its wide selection of breathtaking rings, charms, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. This jewellery collection features a combination of high quality materials such as high-tech ceramic, Zirconia stones, stainless steel and Milanese mesh. The straight-edged, simple look is in perfect harmony with the BERING watch collection and thus optimally rounds off the overall concept of the BERING brand.

Collection: Arctic Symphony
Gender: female
Color: polished silver
Link color: white
Material: stainless steel
Category: bracelet
Link material: Zirkonia